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Il ventre di Napoli



An original stage adaptation from the classic book by Matilde Sarao where past and present come together through video, sound and performance. The show, produced by the Italian National Theater stars Chiara Baffi as the allegorical figures of Misery, Crime and Hope in the city of Naples.

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Production Photos by Marco Ghidelli.

A Ballad for Tex


A Ballad for Tex explores the relationship between film and theater. It is the story of Elizabeth, an aspiring actress, leading a very unhappy life, trapped in a loveless marriage. She finds escape within the bright colors of a painting that comes to life in the form of a musical number. Through its experimental approach the film investigates ways to apply Brechtian theatrical devices and acting techniques to cinematic content.

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Production Photos by Dominik Huber.

No place like Oz


Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz has grown into a middle aged alcoholic woman with some serious mental disorders. Her psychoanalyst, Dr Gulch, tries to bring her back to reality but Dorothy is determined to go back to Oz.


Special Jury Prize Festival Scrittura e Immagine - Premi Flaiano, Pescara, IT

Premio Speciale della Scuola di Cinema di Napoli, OMOVIES, Napoli, IT

Special Jury Prize Franco Santaniello, Napoli, IT

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I migranti del tempo

A dramatic trilogy written in occasion of the special exhibit Una mostra impossibile about Lenoardo, Raphael and Caravaggio at the monastery of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples. The three Italian geniuses are catapulted into our time to engage into an imaginary dialogue about art and its meaning in our age of digital reproducibility.

Production Photos by Michela Iaccarino.

Il teatro sommerso

Produced by O'THEATRON, the show opened to the city the ancient Roman theatre in Via dell' Anticaglia in Naples. The audience was invited to an immersive performance in the buried ruins while actors led them through a stratified space like ghosts from another age.

Written and directed by Ettore Massarese.

Live art installations and movement direction by Alberto Massarese.




The show recounted a series of Neapolitan stories and legends presented in a promenade performance where the public roamed freely around a deconsacrated church, discovering a parallel world. 

Co directed with RM Sanchez-Camus and produced by Lotos Collective.


A secret love story between a man and an inflatable doll. A comic allegory about transgression and adultery.

Lady M

A dark study of Shakespeare's tragic character Lady Macbeth. Set in the 1930s with Italian actors and performers.

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